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Medical Humanities Collective

 The Medical Humanities Across Time 

Edmonton X London | March 24-26, 2023

1st Annual OBLIQUITY Medical Humanities Collective

One Event. 2 Locations. A Blended Event.

Welcome to the 1st Annual OBLIQUITY Medical Humanities Collective!

We are very excited to host a national conference accessible to those at the far East and West of the country. Our event will provide attendees with an invaluable opportunity to learn from and network with national-level medical humanities leaders. From March 24-26, our conference will included didactic lectures and interactive workshops where participants will have a chance to critically reflect and apply what they have learned from this year's speakers. 

 Explore: The Medical Humanities Across Time 


Learn about the start of the Medical Humanities and the field's struggle for recognition and legitimacy in the face of a culture that has often been dismissive.


Explore how the Medical Humanities are currently shaping clinical practice and medical education. Navigate a Walking Gallery of artistic representations.


Imagine the role the field of Medical Humanities will play in helping medicine navigate technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering.

 Event Registration 

To attend the 1st Annual OBLIQUITY Medical Humanities Collective - register using the following link:

OBLIQUITY strives to make our events as accessible and inclusive as possible. In support of this goal, we have created a limited number of scholarships for individuals who would like to attend the conference, but find the cost to be prohibitive. OBLIQUITY's commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from our programming and events, regardless of their financial circumstances. To inquire and apply for a registration scholarship, please contact


Flip through each page of our flyer to see the schedule for the Conference!


Learn more about our featured speaker profiles posted on our Instagram Feed

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