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2020: The Year of the Zoom


This year, all workshops will be facilitated through Zoom. Each workshop will be centered around this year's theme - INTER/SECTIONS.
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Our Vision

OBLIQUITY strives to meet 4 goals:

  1. Illustrate the value of regular reflection and conscious processing through the humanities (art, poetry, narrative medicine)

  2. Illustrate the cyclical nature of learning to cope with intense emotions and difficult/uncomfortable situations. 

  3. Begin to dissolve the partition between the arts and sciences and emphasize the essential interconnectedness of these disciplines

  4. Connect individuals, regardless of affiliations or position, in a safe and collaborative environment fostering personal growth and development

OBLIQUITY (and narrative medicine) is not a cure-all. We do not promise to be the snake oil to tragedy and burnout. We do promise to offer tools that are useful, applicable, and maybe even stylish. We will be what the Batmobile is to Batman: cool, innovative, and ready to traverse your metaphorical Gotham."



I really found this mentally and emotionally stimulating and was a great way to share experiences with a group of people from diverse backgrounds in a very safe/comfortable environment. I think discussion about resiliency and how literature can show us how to cope with our stressors is vital in this day and age.

Enjoyed it very much! The poetry was eye-opening, and I especially liked that you included your own poem for a station. This workshop deserves a lot more attention.

Great job, keep up the great work. Love the guidance with a slant towards a hands-off approach.

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