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2nd Annual Health Humanities Planner

A Pan-Canadian Initiative

2nd Annual OBLIQUITY Health Humanities Planner

Suffering - Meaning = Despair 

(from Viktor Frankl, A Man's Search for Meaning)

With this equation in mind, OBLIQUITY thought about how we could create a forum to develop health humanities competencies in a way that was accessible, safe and free from judgement or shame. We also wanted to address some aspects of the "hidden curriculum" and promote regular reflection. From this, our health humanities planner was born.

Our planner features weekly agenda pages, reflective prompts (with topics ranging from representation in medicine, wellness challenges, writing activities, and exploring cultural competency), artist spotlights, and a variety of references and resources. Our planner also includes original artwork from local artists: Kiran Rai, Stephanie Dalmer and Jacinta Specht.

 Explore: What are the Medical Humanities/Health Humanities? 

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Medical Humanities (MH)

Learn more about the Medical Humanities and the history of this field!

Health Humanities (HH)

Explore how the Health Humanities are currently shaping clinical practice and medical education.

Why the Medical Humanities?

Read Dr. Jock Murrary's pivotal article about the value of the medical humanities.

OBLIQUITY 2023-2024 Planner

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